2023 RUSD COVID-19 Updates

  • COVID-19 Guidelines for Student Safety - October 2023


    㽶Ƶ click here to view the COVID-19 Guidelines for Student Safety (updated October 2023). The intent of this document is to provide you with a better understanding of District and school COVID-19 guidelines and to ensure student safety. 㽶Ƶ take a minute to review the document and discuss it as needed with your child.

  • The Rialto 㽶Ƶ District opened its doors in August for traditional school to start the 2021-2022 school year. RUSD staff continues to work diligently to make our schools safe as we combat COVID-19. 㽶Ƶ use this page as a resource. On this page, you will find our Reopening Plan, COVID-19 Guidelines for Student Safety, District protocol, and updates as Federal, State, local, and District guidelines are changed.

  • Reopening: Instructional & Operational Plan

    Reopening Instructional & Operational Plan 2021-2022The Rialto 㽶Ƶ District is prepared to reopen for the 2021-2022 㽶Ƶ Year. You can view our Reopening: Instructional & Operational Plan in both English and Spanish. 

    The plan covers:

    • Information on COVID-19 safety protocols
    Precautionary measures for schools 
    Safety guidelines for 㽶Ƶ and staff


  • District Measures for COVID-19

    Garcia Temperature Screening Station

    As we return to school, the Rialto 㽶Ƶ District will continue to regard the health and safety of our 㽶Ƶ, teachers, and staff as our highest priority. Safety measures include: 

    • Increased quality of filters in HVAC system (from MERV 8 to MERV 13 — hospital grade)
    • Air purifiers are provided in each classroom and main office.
    • Frequent disinfecting of workstations and high traffic areas 
    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) available for 㽶Ƶ and staff: masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and gloves. 

COVID-19 Resources