Rialto Equity

  • What is Rialto Equity?

    Equity is achieved when all 㽶Ƶ, staff members, and families are acknowledged, accepted, and valued, and have the needed support and encouragement to take personal responsibility to realize their highest aspirations.

    Equity is an ideal woven into the fabric of RUSD’s Beliefs and Mission. Over the last three years, RUSD has taken steps to develop the consciousness of our District community through initiatives specifically designed to increase action in combating injustices in our school systems that cause inequity for our 㽶Ƶ. 

    This page was created to highlight our efforts to achieve equity for all 㽶Ƶ in RUSD. You will find our current Equity Actions Teams for African-American English Language Learners and Special Services 㽶Ƶ. Each team has developed an action plan to show why, how, and when the actions will be implemented. In addition, each of the teams had involvement and input into the development of our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) providing another source of stakeholder input. Along with the action teams, there is an equity page that will inform you of the events and or programs that are taking place related to equity. Finally, we have created an Equity Dashboard to monitor progress of our 㽶Ƶ to adjust the actions based on data the dashboard provides. 

    If you have any questions or would like to be involved with our Equity Action Teams, please feel free to contact us at info@rialtousd.org. If you have a suggestion on our efforts to achieve equity, there is a suggestion box where you can provide feedback and suggestions. Thank you for visiting our webpage. 

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