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Mobile Communication Device Letter to Families

Dear Rialto 㽶Ƶ District Families,

The District recognizes that the use of cell phones and other mobile communication devices on school grounds may be beneficial to student learning and well-being. The District also recognizes that many 㽶Ƶ struggle to exercise sound judgment related to the use of cellphones and social media, which often leads to 㽶Ƶ neglecting their studies and participating in inappropriate behaviors that include classroom disruptions, bullying, recording and promoting fights, and participation in senseless challenges on social media platforms. District staff, along with a team of 㽶Ƶ and parents, have updated the District’s Mobile Communication Device (e.g., cellphone) policy and identified actions to help 㽶Ƶ develop personal responsibility when using cellphones and/or social media. We hope that with your support of this policy, your child can have the successful 㽶Ƶal experience he or she deserves.

District Policy 5131.8 is as follows:

Elementary (K-5) and Middle 㽶Ƶ (6-8)
Students may use mobile communication devices (e.g., cellphone and smart watches) before school begins and after the school day ends. Devices shall be turned off and not be visible (stored in the student’s backpack) during the school day, which includes passing period, recess, and lunch.

High 㽶Ƶ (9-12)
Students may use mobile communication devices (e.g., cellphones and smart watches) on campus during non-instructional time, such as before/after school, lunch and passing periods; as long as the device is utilized in accordance with the law. Devices shall be turned off and not be visible during instructional time.

When 㽶Ƶ choose not to honor the above policy, the following actions, in no particular order, will be taken to help them develop personal responsibility:

• Counseling on proper use of mobile communication devices and social media
• Reminder of Mobile Communication Device Policy 5131.8
• Confiscation of mobile device (to be retrieved by parent or legal guardian only)
• Loss of privileges to use mobile communication device (when applicable)
• Loss of privileges to participate in extra-curricular activities
• Possible suspension from school (last resort)

District schools do provide access to computers and the internet during the school day. Students who need to call their parents during the school day should do so using a District phone or using a personal device consistent with District Mobile Communication Device Policy 5131.8.

If you have any question regarding this information, please contact your child’s school.

Angela Brantley
Lead Student Services Agent